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Meeting the challenges of the future

Foundation deploys its expertise in BIM (Building Information Modeling & Management) and data structuring to virtually build projects, monitor progress and anticipate behaviour in order to better understand, learn and innovate.

Support the development, enrich innovation

Foundation build and keep up to date BIM digital avatars throughout their life cycles. Foundation makes available to its customers a unique repository of reliable and durable 3D data tailored to their needs and systems for the design, commercialization and operation management.

A savings and performance driver

Equipping your project with a digital avatar allows you to benefit from cost optimization support, time and performance, accelerating access and transmission of information. The digital twin, witness of reality, form an important source of knowledge and a competitive lever by the wealth of integrated data and constantly updates.

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BIM digital avatar

Our expertises

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Based on modelling expertise and highly specialised data management, at the confluence of engineering and new technologies, Foundation produces BIM digital models, truly dynamic management and operational tools over the long term.

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